About Me

In 2006, I met my beautiful wife, Linda and my new journey began. My love of photography began at an early age, when I principally photographed aircraft which was my hobby at the time. In 1981 I started work at a photographic retail shop and worked there for twenty five years before Linda "came along" and I moved to the USA. We reside in the Tri-State area of Pennsylvania, close to both New York and New Jersey. My other "loves", Photography and Manchester United FC, thankfully, have accompanied me on my journey.

 I'm striving, constantly, to improve my "eye" and my technique.


Without the love and support of Linda, I'm not sure if my work would be worth viewing - you be the judge.

Thank you to her, my family and friends for all their kind words and constructive criticism.

Special thanks to Jason, Vickey, Benni, Sonya, Aunt Judy, Cindy, Joann, Linda Z and Father Billy.

God Bless My Parents.

Much Loved,  Sadly Departed and Greatly Missed.

Margaret & Roy

God Bless Linda's Parents.

Together Again

In Eternity.

Helen & Howard

Meet Abby, she answers to "Stinky" and "Boo-boo".


Any feedback please feel free to email me.


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